By using this service you accept the terms and conditions of trading with TakeStock and agree to adhere to our guidelines as published on the site.
1. Adverts -
    (a) Adverts must not contain any offensive material or language and must not promote any knowingly illegal trading practices. This includes, adult content, racist hateful or abusive content.  
    (b) Adverts must be for appropriate items that are genuinely for sale and that you have the right to advertise for sale as the owner or have the owners permission.  
    (c) You warrant that these items are not stolen and that they are genuinely accurate to the description of the advert you placed including likeliness of any images and product specification, expiry dates etc.
    (d) TakeStock reserves the right to remove any advert that the company believes breaches these terms and any money received will not be refunded and the fees donated to a charity of our choice.

2. Payment terms -
    (a) You agree to pay TakeStock's commission on any sale of items advertised through the site.  
    (b) If you sell an item through another advertising channel and genuinely made contact with a buyer that has not seen your advert on TakeStock then you must make your case in writing to the CEO of TakeStock and fair consideration will be given to this. Failing this the commission fee due to TakeStock will become due.
    (c) TakeStock reserves the right to change its commission structure and warrants that the commission rates that are advertised on the site at the time of placing the advert will be honored for the duration of the advert life or 6 months whichever is the shorter.
    (d) Payment made through the site will have TakeStock commission deducted from source.
    (e) All prices advertised and any accepted offer must include eligible taxes including VAT. It is the buyers responsibility to calculate this and include in the price where applicable. Takestock has no way of knowing VAT eligibility on your advertised products and thus this is the responsibility of the seller to allow for this.
    (f) Any sale that is completed by a payment outside TakeStock will result in an invoice being generated by TakeStock upon notification, to be paid within 14 days of invoice date.
    (g) All adverts will be treated as WSO (web sale only) unless otherwise agreed with TakeStock.

Commission structure as a % of transaction sale price:
    Self Service : Commission 15%
    Assisted :      Commission 20%
    Premier Service plan : Contact Us -Minimum stock value per site of £10,000

3. Disputes - all disputes on any delivered goods purchased through Takestock must be raised within 24 hours of the recorded time and date of delivery.

At TakeStock, we aim to be a great company to do business with. Our values are anchored in trust, honesty and no nonsense trading. If you feel we have breached our own promise to you in anyway please advise us directly by emailing us at ;

We genuinely appreciate your business and we are in business to work for our clients.

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