Interested in becoming a partner to Takestock?

Takestock Partner Program for Food Industry Consultants

Welcome & thanks for taking the time to look into our partner program.

The Takestock Partner Program is designed to build a network of people within the food industry who can help us grow Takestock into the industry recognised ecommerce platform.

As you are already active in the food industry from primary manufacturing down to the catering and retail outlets, we know you are in a great position to educate the market on the benefits of and in turn to earn a percentage on trades that you directly source.

As you can see below we have a different bonus level for sourcing stock/sellers and sourcing buyers. You can operate on one or both sides of the model. Takestock does not charge for membership or advert listings and sources revenue from a commission structure ranging from 15-30% of the traded item value. This is obviously paid by the seller.

Our model is all about shared risk and reward and we have designed the business model to give sellers a chance to achieve maximum market price of items before they turn to disposal channels.

Our early trials suggest we achieve between 50-60% of original book value on average, compared with under 10% for clearance/biomass channels. The platform is designed to encourage buyers to make an offer and to provide the seller with the best possible market price. We have designed takestock to work for the buyer and seller, whilst creating great deal opportunities for both sides.

We have set ourselves an audacious goal of listing 10% of the industry wide clearance stock across Europe in the next year. Thats a lot of stock in case you are wondering - around €1Bn in book value. We are really excited about this business and if you would like to be a part of this revolution, please join us by accepting the T&Cs below, completing the express sign up and start making some money.

We look forward to having you onboard with us.

Commercial terms; Whats in it for you?

The commission structure below is available to you for deals that you source and it is the responsibility of the consultant to register the deal through our partner portal at

Up until 31 dec 2014from 1 jan 2015
Find Sellers30% of takestock revenue.15% of takestock revenue
Find buyers20% of takestock revenue.10% of Takestock revenue

To bring this to life, lets take an example with Paul & Sarah our hero customers from our video. You are visiting Paul in his factory and see he has a bit of kit or some food ingredients he doesn't want. You tell him about Takestock and send him your referral link in an email. He clicks through and registers the item for sale.

Sarah buys the item for £1000. Takestock receives £150 and Paul gets £850.

As you introduced Paul, you get (before 31/12/14) £45 (30%).

If you had also introduced Sarah to us and she registered from your Partner Link you would also get another £30 (20%).

If you hadn't introduced Paul but did introduce Sarah, you would receive £45 (before 31/12/14). Make sense? we try to keep things straight forward at takestock.

You will have a partner portal in your dashboard that shows you all trades going through associated to you and the Bonus money accrued.

Now imagine Paul & Sarah continue to use Takestock for a year and between them they buy and sell lots of stuff on Takestock, you will keep getting lots of Partner Bonus money. Everyone is happy!

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on

General T&Cs

  1. Takestock reserves the right to vary its commission structure to sellers and that the current commission range of 15-30% can change at any time.
  2. Takestock reserves the right to vary its Partner Bonus % at any time. Existing listings will be honoured for 1 month at the rate advertised at the time of submission.
  3. Once set up we will send you a unique identifying Referral Link. Please keep that safe and use it in all your transactions with us.
  4. Partners must use our Referral Links and buyers & sellers referred by the partner must use the Referral Links in order for bonuses to be tracked and accrued. To avoid an administrative headache, we won't pay any bonuses on any sale where the links aren't used.
  5. In the case of disputes where 2 or more referral links have been given to a client, Takestock will honor the referral link that is entered by the client for the trade.
  6. It is the Partner's (thats you) responsibility to keep up to date on any of our terms and conditions as they could change at any time.
  7. Payments are made monthly in arrears (we need a bit of time to validate transactions and clear funds) so for eg the bonus for January transactions will be paid at the end of February to you.
  8. Bonus on referred partners is for 12 months after they register with take stock.
  9. Partners agree to take partner in promotions and campaigns where their name will be visible to other partners in the program. This may also include league label performance information showing bonus levels achieved by partners.
  10. Partners are not employees of Takestock and agree to manage their own taxes and liabilities of trade.
  11. Partners are not held liable for any fraudulent activity on behalf of a seller or buyer they introduce.
  12. Partners are not permitted to act as a buyer against trades that they have introduced.
  13. Any partner who is deemed to have breached these terms will be suspended and any money accrued will be withheld whilst we execute our dispute process.
  14. Following the dispute process, any partner that has been found to have misrepresented Takestock, acted fraudulently, dishonestly or taken any action to the detriment of takestock will be removed from the partner program.

I accept the terms and conditions of the Takestock Partner and would like to register.