We take your privacy and security very seriously at We also do everything we can to ensure and encourage honest professional trading on our site.
In order to do this we have set up the following guidelines and rules;
  1. we will not disclose your contact details or any data about your transactions on takestock  to any other commercial organisation  outside takestock.
  2. your transactions will be authorised through secure professional payment providers only.
  3. we hold money during a transaction in a dedicated client account and release this as soon as possible to the seller once the transaction is complete.
  4. our certification system for partners is designed with transparency in mind so you can see the reputation of the person or organisation selling and to encourage the sellers and buyers to take a fair approach and trade professionally.
  5. we can't audit everything on  takestock to ensure its genuinely as described by the seller but through our ratings and certification system we believe that unscrupulous trading will quickly come to light.
  6. if anyone abuses the system we will take action to stop them trading on
  7. we encourage all sellers to provide as much information as possible including photographs and or videos.
How you can help yourself
  1. Don't accept a seller asking you to transact offsite; your money is safe on takestock and won't be released until the goods you have bought have arrived and are as described. If you do transact off site you have no protection should the goods not arrive or be as described.
  2. Communicate through the site so that there is a trading history that you can then rate post sale and thus incentivise the best traders to stand out.
  3. Don't give your email address out or phone number.
  4. Act fast - once the goods have arrived or the shipping date is confirmed, we will contact you. Please respond and confirm the sale or advise us of an issue to suspend payment and activate our dispute process. if you don't respond within 24 hours we will take the sale as complete and release your funds to the seller.
Dispute Process
  1. Buyer driven; the buyer must activate the dispute process within 24 hours of goods being received. This is done within your dashboard on
  2. Once a dispute is initiated, we will suspend payment to the seller and share the buyers comments with them.
  3. If there is a quality issue with the goods, we may ask the buyer for video or photographic evidence which will also be shared with the seller.
  4. We may if required set up a 3 way call with the buyer, seller and at least 1 director from to resolve the matter.
  5. in the scenario where the issue cannot be resolved, we will cancel the sale and buyer returns the produce to the seller at the sellers expense.