We set up takestock with the right intentions; to be an honest partner to work with and be easy to deal with, delivering on our promise every time. So we spent a bit of time pulling this into a set of core values (but not in a big corporate way) and if you think we are falling short of these at any time, please feel free to reach out and tell us. After the initial disappointment, we will endeavour to fix it and win your love again. 

Honest - we will develop our platform to encourage honest dealings and to incentivise the right behaviour from our partners and customers alike. 

Authentic - straight talking, no nonsense, common sense approach to doing business is our approach. 
Transparent - we don't have any hidden charges and seek to operate the business without secrets. Except maybe our bank account access codes. We won't share them because our bank manager would tell us off. 

Fun - lots of companies say this and its a bit trendy to have fun in core values. We really mean it. From the look and feel of our site to how you engage with us, we hope you have fun doing that and coming on to Takestock should be a great experience all the time. 

Responsive - Time is literally money on takestock and we aim to get a speedy transaction for you. If you feel we aren't being responsive enough and falling short of our own standards here, please send us a note to . We promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less and if we don't we will send you an apology and do our best to make things right. 

We are not an ‘ordinary’ company and these principles are really important to us. We don't have shareholder pressure to put results before customers and we will always strive to do the right thing by you.