There is so much value locked up in the food industry; €20Bn+ across Europe alone. We believe there is a buyer out there for all of it and if we can just find a way of connecting the buyer with the seller, we can unlock that trapped value. We launched to do exactly that and to become the digital marketplace for the food industry to trade on those items that are clogging up warehouses, storerooms and factories around the country.

Our Mission is to find a buyer for even the rarest and most obscure item of stock and to enable a secure, honest, professional transaction that creates a win for the buyer & seller as well as the environment through reduced waste. Our mission will contribute towards our client’s goals of zero to land fill and in the process, create value that would otherwise be lost for the seller.

We set out to reduce complexity and risk for everyone who works with us and thus take a straight commission from the sale. We do not charge a set up fee or membership fees, saving you money and improving your bottom line. We wanted to provide a new option to dispose of stock before calling the clearance specialists or biomass guys.

We think its a no brainer for you to join and you can search takestock and give it a try without any complex sign up process. So what are you waiting for? Come see us at and let us be the newest member of your sales team.